Fellow Travelers — 2004

This is our CD from 2004, featuring Declan, Bruce, Adair and Gerry Felker on bass. Listen for Rob Clarke on harmonica on ‘Jack’s Food Basics Blues’.



Coates Arms, 2011

This was one of those days when a lot of the live recordings were keepers, and one of our last sessions when 3PP featured Derek Martin on fiddle and Dale Sewers on bass and vocals.



Various Recent Live Performances

Since Spring 2011, whenever there hasn’t been a pandemic, we’ve played at the Fox & Fiddle in Citi Centre Plaza, downtown London Ontario every Thursday. Sometimes we drag recording equipment along. 

These days we’re happy to have Mary Ashton on fiddle, and Caleb Heddle on bass most of the time, but also on guitar, mandolin and vocals.




Yes, we’re sort of obsessed with keeping loads of good Christmas songs in our repertoire, and we start playing them at the stroke of midnight, December 1st, again assuming there’s no worldwide pestilence keeping the bars empty. Here’s a collection of Christmas songs we put together in 2008, along with two originals we hoped would have made us incredibly wealthy by now, like Mel Torme, or the Hugh Grant character in About a Boy.


Here are some videos from late 2019. Many thanks to videographer Corinne Marshall.